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Tarantella For two pianos

Opus 84 Opus SO

Opus SO
1954 year

Music Rarities: Dmitri Shostakovich’s Compositions for Two Pianos


Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

first publication:

Muzgiz, 1963

Duration: 1' 24"

Tarantella For two pianos

     The “Tarantella” in G major was composed around 1954 and was performed for the first time on 8 November of the same year in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. The piece is the author’s arrangement of the music to the film Unforgettable 1919 (1951). The film relates the story of the White Guard rebellion
organised in Petrograd with the support of foreign interventionists.
     The “Tarantella” in its arrangement for two pianos was published in 1963. The editor was Yelena Petrovna Khoven—Aleksandr Goldenweiser’s student, a professor at the Central Music School attached to the Moscow Conservatory, who taught piano to Shostakovich’s children.