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Hymn of the RSFSR for Chorus and Orchestra

Opus 71 Opus SO

Opus SO
1945 year

“Motherland”. Op. 63. Vocal-symphonic suite. Piano score. National Anthems. Sans. op.
first publication:

DSCH Publishers, Moscow, 2017


RSALA, rec. gr. 2048, inv. 1, f. 39

Anthem of the RSFSR

     The anthem of the RSFSR based on lyrics by Stepan Shchipachev was penned in october 1945.
     The archive documents at RSALA show that the Anthem of the RSFSR was written for a poetry and music contest. In particular, the commission minutes for the hearing of the music for the National Anthem of the RSFSR, the list of composers who took part in composing the anthem’s music, and the anthem’s lyrics have survived in the depository of the Art Committee under the RSFSR Council of Ministers. A part from Shostakovich, Sergei Prokofiev, Nikolai Myaskovsky, Anatoli Aleksandrov, Boris Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Mosolov, Boris Asafyev and other well-known composers took part in this contest.
     No information has been found about the performance of the Anthem of the RSFSR; it was most likely performed during the contest hearings.