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Ceremonial March for Wind Orchestra

Opus SO Opus 60

Opus SO
1941 year

Compositions for Wind Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra. Scores.
first publication:

DSCH Publishers. Moscow. 2006

Ceremonial March for Wind Orchestra. Sans op. (1941)

     The Ceremonial March for Wind Orchestra is dating it 1941 based on the date of the censorship permission for the manuscript: ‘12 February 1941.’
     The March was possibly composed on the order of some specific large orchestra which included not only brass, but also woodwind instruments.
     Shostakovich looked at the possibility of the March being performed by more customary and smaller collectives, stipulating this in a special comment: ‘The piccolo flute, oboe, bassoon, III and IV French horn and trombone parts are not obligatory.’
     Information on the first performance of the Ceremonial March has not been found.