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Two Pieces by Domenico Scarlatti. Transcription

Opus 16 Opus 18

Opus 17
1928 year

Compositions for Wind Orchestra and Jazz Orchestra. Scores.


Moscow Conservatory Bolshoi Hall; Sovphil Orchestra, Nikolai Malko (conductor)

first publication:

New Collected Works. Vol. 32. Moscow, DSCH

Two Pieces by Domenico Scarlatti
Transcription for Wind Orchestra

1. Pastorale
2. Capriccio

     This work is dated 1928.
     The premiere of Two Pieces by Domenico Scarlatti took place in the same concert on 25 November 1928 as the premiere of ‘Tahiti Trot’. N.A. Malko was the conductor. The transcriptions were not retained in the repertoire, and the score was considered lost. In the list of works sent to Grigori Shneerson on 28 January 1941, Shostakovich indicated that this work had ‘disappeared’. Not until several decades later did conductor Igor Blazhkov find the scores of both pieces in the library of the Leningrad Philharmonic.


Wind ensemble under Gennadi Rozhdestvensky. P 1980 // Melodiya C10 14415-6 (Album 1 of ‘From Manuscripts of Different Years’)