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String Quartet No.13

Opus 137 Opus 139

Opus 138
1970 year

Quartet No.13 Score
Quartet No.13 Parts


December 13, 1970. Leningrad. Glinka Small Hall of the Conservatoire. On December 20, 1970 the quartet was performed for the first time in Moscow, in the Small Hall of the Conservatoire by the Beethoven Quartet.

first publication:

1972. Score, “Muzyka” Publishers, Moscow.


The hand-written score is in the archive of B. Borisovsky’s family.

Dedication: “To Vadim Vasilievich Borisovsky”
Duration: 18’

String Quartet No.13
B-flat Minor
op. 138

Adagio. Doppio Movemento. Tempo Primo.

  Composer dedicated this composition to Vadim Vasilievich Borisovsky (1900-1972), an outstanding musician who had performed the viola part in the Beethoven Quartet for more than four decades. “Vadim Vasilievich has been giving me his friendship and kind attitude towards me and my music for a long time,” wrote Shostakovich, “a big heart, an enormous general culture and comprehensive education.”
   In the score of the Thirteenth Quartet, the dedication to Borisovsky was reflected directly. Large, expressive solo episodes of viola constitute a kind of semantic core of the work.
  Quartet No. 13 was completed on August 10, 1970.
  On September 30, 1970, the composer showed the quartet to the Beethovens. On December 11, the quartet was played by them at the All-Union House of Composers. The premiere took place on December 13, 1970 in Leningrad, in the Small Hall named after M.I. Glinka. On December 20, Quartet No. 13 was first performed in Moscow, in the Small Hall of the Conservatory.


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