New Collected Works Chamber Compositions for Voice and Songs

Arrangements of the Compositions by Other Composers. For soloist, violin and cello. Sans op.

Volume 97

Dmitri Shostakovich’s Arrangements for Frontline Ensembles (Songs for the Front).
For soloist, violin and cello. Sans Op. (1941).
Edited by Victor Ekimovsky.
Editing of Music Texts and Explanatory Article by Elvira van Domburg-Okuneva, Larisa Miller, Florentina Panchenko and Tamara Skvirskaya.

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  1. Farewell. Dm. Pokrass. Words by M. Isakovsky.
  2. Those Are Storm Clouds. From the film Sons of the Working People. Dan. and Dm. Pokrass. Words by A. Surkov.
  3. Song about Shchors. M. Blanter. Words by M. Golodny.
  4. Do Not Touch Us. From the film Mit’ka Lelyuk. Yu. Milyutin. Words by V. Lebedev-Kumach.
  5. Girl’s Song. D. Pritsker. Words by A. Churkin.
  6. Oh, How Great! Pioneers’ song from the film Beethoven Concerto. I. Dunayevsky. Words by V. Shmidtgof.
  7. Sing to Us, Wind... From the film The Children of Captain Grant. I. Dunayevsky. Words by V. Lebedev-Kumach.
  8. Song of the Sea. I. Dunayevsky. Words by P. Belov.
  9. Anyuta’s Song. From the film The Merry Fellows. I. Dunayevsky. Words by V. Lebedev-Kumach.
  10. Mummy, What Is Love? J.-B. Weckerlin. Russian text by Yu. Rimskaya-Korsakova.
  11. Scottish Drinking Song. L. van Beethoven. Russian text by A. Globa.
  12. The Alpine Shepherdess. Tyrolean song. G. Rossini. Russian text by M. Ulitsky.
  13. Habanera. From the opera Carmen. G. Bizet. Russian text by A. Gorchakova.
  14. Arlecchino’s Serenade. From the opera Pagliacci. R. Leoncavallo. Russian text by I. Pryanishnikov.
  15. Gypsy Song. A. Verstovsky. Words by A. Pushkin.
  16. Sarafanchik (The Little Sun-Dress). A. Gurilev. Words by A. Polezhayev.
  17. I Shall Tell Mama. A. Gurilev. Words by N. Berg.
  18. Fever. A. Dargomyzhsky. Traditional verses.
  19. Grenada Clothed in Mist. Music and words by A. Dargomyzhsky.
  20. On Our Street. Olga’s song from the opera Rusalka (The Mermaid). A. Dargomyzhsky.
  21. Comic Song. From the unfinished opera Rogdana. A. Dargomyzhsky.
  22. Gopak. M. Musorgsky. Words by T. Shevchenko, translated into Russian by L. Mey.
  23. Khivrya’s Song. From the opera Sorochintsy Fair. M. Musorgsky.
  24. Parasya’s Dumka. From the opera Sorochintsy Fair. M. Musorgsky.
  25. Song of the Varangian Guest. From the opera Sadko. N. Rimsky-Korsakov.
  26. I Sit on a Rock. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. Traditional verses.
  27. Where Did You Come From? Duet of Karas’ and Odarka from the opera A Cossack Beyond the Danube. S. Gulak-Artemovsky.

  The first publication of Shostakovich’s arrangements, on which the present edition is based, was prepared in 2005 by employees of the Scientific-Research Manuscript Department of the Scientific Music Library of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory and was put out by Kompozitor Publishers, St. Petersburg, in the Petersburg Music Archive series. The publication was dedicated to two anniversary dates: the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and the centenary of Shostakovich’s birth. The title for the whole body of arrangements, Songs for the Front, was proposed by the editors of the first edition.

  This publication is based on the 2005 edition—D. Shostakovich, Songs for the Front (1941), Kompozitor Publishers, St. Petersburg, collated with the author’s manuscripts kept in the Scientific-Research Manuscript Department of the Scientific Music Library of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory—SRMD St. Petersburg SC No. 5614-5640.
  With rare exception, there are no dynamic signs in either the author’s manuscripts or in the edition in the voice parts. They have been added by the editors in keeping with the context and in the same way as for the violin and cello parts.