New Collected Works Choral Compositions

Ten Poems on Texts by Revolutionary Poets. Op. 88.

Volume 84

Ten Poems on Texts by Revolutionary Poets of the End of the 19th and Beginning of the 20th Centuries. For mixed choir a cappella. Op. 88.
Edited by Victor Ekimovsky. Explanatory Article by Maria Karachevskaya.

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  1. Boldly, Friends, On We March. Words by L. Radin
  2. One of Many. Words by Ye. Tarasov
  3. To the Streets! Words by an unknown author
  4. The Meeting in Transit to Exile. Words by А. Gmyrev
  5. To the Executed. Words by А. Gmyrev
  6. The Ninth of January. Words by А. Kots
  7. The Volleys Have Become Silent. Words by Ye. Tarasov
  8. They Were Victorious. Words by А. Gmyrev
  9. May Day Song. Words by А. Kots
  10. Song. Words by V. Tan-Bogoraz (from W. Whitman)

  The first edition of the score came out in 1952 (Muzgiz, Moscow; republished in 1962). Then the cycle was printed by Muzyka Publishers (Moscow, 1967). In 1976, three poems were included in the collection Selected Choruses of Soviet Composers (Issue 7, Sovetsky kompositor Publishers, Moscow): “Boldly, Friends, On We March”, “The Volleys Have Become Silent” and “May Day Song”. In 1985, the cycle was printed in Volume 34 of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Collected Works (Muzyka Publishers, Moscow).
  The first foreign editions of the choral poems appeared in the 1950s. In 1952, the cycle was issued by French publishers Le Chant du Monde (with a French text by F. Hirsch, a repeat publication came out in 2009), and in 1955, it was issued by a Japanese publisher Fukuoka Choral Society. America’s G. Schirmer Inc. & Associated Music Publishers printed all ten poems in 1977 in the form of separate editions (with an English text by Jane May). In 1996, another Japanese publishers, Zen-on Music, also put out a score of the full cycle.

  This edition is based on Dmitri Shostakovich, Collected Works, Vol. 34, Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1985 (E), collated with the author’s manuscript kept at Glinka VMOMK, rec. gr. 32, f. 22.