New Collected Works Compositions for Choir and Orchestra (with or without soloists)

“The Execution of Stepan Razin”. Op. 119. Cantata. Piano score.

Volume 82

Cantata for bass soloist, mixed choir and orchestra. Op. 119.
Edited by Sergei Chebotaryov. Explanatory article by Svetlana Lashchenko. Editor-in-chief Victor Ekimovsky.

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  This publication is based on the edition of the piano score (D. Shostakovich, Collected Works, Vol. 30, Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1983), collated with the author’s fair manuscript of the piano score (RSALA, 2048, inv. 3, f. 13) and fair manuscript of the full score (RSALA, 2048, inv. 3, f. 14), the first edition of the piano score (Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1966), and the score published in Volume 81 of this edition.
  The enharmonic discrepancies between the piano score and the full score in both author’s manuscripts
are left unchanged.
  For practical use of the piano score, most of the differences between the piano part and the full score (dynamic signs, phrasing and articulation slurs) are brought into harmony with the score. However, in some cases, the dynamic signs and phrasing that differ from the score are retained since they correspond better to the semantic nature of the sound of different orchestral groups in their adapted arrangement.
  The texture in the piano score sometimes looks as a simple reduction of full score: some widely spaced chords are very inconvenient to perform (they can be played with appoggiaturas sustained by the pedal); in some places the music is notated in three layers, with the leading melodic line, harmony, and a tremolo of percussion written one below the other on the same system. Such fragments are left in the author’s notation unchanged.