New Collected Works Compositions for Choir and Orchestra (with or without soloists)

“The Sun Shines Over Our Motherland”. Op. 90. Cantata. Piano score.

Volume 80

Edited by Victor Ekimovsky. Explanatory Article by Maria Karachevskaya.

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  The first edition of the cantata’s full score was published in 1953 (Muzgiz, Moscow), while the piano score was released in 1969 (Muzyka Publishers, Moscow). The piano score and full score were also published in Volumes 29 and 30 of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Collected Works (Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1983), respectively. Furthermore, arrangements of fragments of the cantata for wind orchestra were published in the following collections: The Invincible Union: Collection of Pieces for Wind Orchestra (Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1972) and The Service and Drill Repertoire of Military Orchestras (Moscow, 1981).
  The whereabouts of the author’s manuscript is unknown. This publication is based on the edition of the piano score: D. Shostakovich, Collected Works, in 42 volumes, Vol. 30, Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1983, collated with the full score published in the same collection.