New Collected Works Compositions for Choir and Orchestra (with or without soloists)

“The Song of the Forests”. Op. 81. Oratorio. Piano score.

Volume 74

Oratorio for Tenor, Bass, boys’ choir, mixed choir and symphony orchestra. Op. 81.
The author's piano score.
Published for the first time. Edited by Victor Ekimovsky. Explanatory article by Marina Raku.

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  This publication is based on the author’s manuscript of the piano score kept at the Glinka All-Russia Museum Association of Musical Culture (VMOMK)—rec. gr. 32, f. 122. There are no articulation marks, tempo or dynamic signs in the author’s manuscript, apart from rare exceptions. There are various slips of the pen and imprecisions in the notation.
  For this publication, the author’s manuscript has been edited by the editor of the volume in keeping with the score published in the New Collected Works, Vol. 73, DSCH, 2017. In the event of differences between the piano score and the score, the vocal and choral parts are printed in accordance with the score.
  In 1950, State Music Publishers released an arrangement by Levon Atovmian. The author’s piano score, which has some considerable differences from Levon Atovmian’s piano score, is being published for the first time.