New Collected Works Compositions for the Stage

The Golden Age. Op. 22. Ballet. Piano score.

Volume 61

A Ballet in Three Acts and Six Scenes. Story for the Ballet by Alexander Ivanovsky. Op. 22.
Edited by Victor Ekimovsky. Explanatory article by Manashir Iakubov.

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  This publication is based on the 1995 edition of the piano score—DSCH, collated with the edition of the score in: D. Shostakovich, New Collected Works, Vols. 60a, 60b, DSCH, Moscow, 2011.
  The whereabouts of the author’s manuscript of the piano score is unknown. Only the sketches and manuscripts of several items kept in Dmitri Shostakovich’s Archive have survived (rec. gr. 1, section 1, f. 24).
  The piano score is printed in accordance with the authorised hand-written copies edited by Veniamin Basner (kept at the Central Music Library of the Mariinsky Theatre, I 1 Sh‑798, f. 23791 and the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art, main stocklist 16903/2).
  The missing items are printed in the arrangement done by K. Titarenko (Nos. 1, 14), V. G rachev (Nos. 20, 26, 34, 35), D. Smirnov (No. 22), Ye. Firsova (No. 23), L. Bobylev (No. 24), G. Dmitriyev (No. 25), V. Kotov (part of No. 33) and V. Dovgan (No. 36).