New Collected Works Chamber Instrumental Ensembles

Dmitri Shostakovich’s String Quartets Nos. 10-12

Volume 103

Quartet No 10. Op. 118
Quartet No 11. Op. 122
Quartet No 12. Op. 133
Edited by Andrey Yakovlev. Explanatory Articles by Levon Hakobian
Editor-in-chief Victor Ekimovsky.

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   This edition is based on the publications of the quartet scores in Volume 36 of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Collected Works—Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1980 (S-80), as well as the publications of the quartet scores by the DSCH Publishing House: Quartet No. 11—DSCH, Moscow, 2012 (S-2012) and Quartet No. 12—DSCH, Moscow, 2001 (S-2001). The author’s manuscripts of the quartet scores, as well as the first editions of the scores published during the composer’s life time are taken into account: Quartet No. 10—Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1965 (S-65), Quartet No. 11—Sovetskiy Kompozitor, Moscow, 1967 (S-67) and Quartet No. 12—Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1969 (S-69).
   These comments highlight the differences between the main publications and this edition, while obvious slips of the pen in S-80, S-2012 and S-2001 are corrected without specification. The author’s manuscripts examined in the comparative analysis in the comments apply to the mentioned differences. Moreover, the comments regarding Quartet No. 10 specify the differences between the author’s manuscripts, on the one hand, and S-80 and this edition, on the other, with respect to the metronome marks (in the first movement) and the articulation marks (in the third movement). The comments make references to the editions published during Shostakovich’s life time in a few controversial episodes.
   The current versions of the scores of the Tenth and Twelfth Quartets are published in separate publications, in particular Quartet No. 10—DSCH, Moscow, 2015 (S-2015). Minor changes in this score that appeared during the editing of this edition and were made after S-2015 was published are stipulated in the comments.