New Collected Works Symphonies

Symphony No. 1. Op. 10. Score.

Volume 1

Symphony for full orchestra (with piano) in four movements.
Edited by Alexandr Buzovkin. Explanatory Article by Manashir Iakubov.

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Symphony for full orchestra (with piano) in four movements:

1. Allegretto—Allegro non troppo
2. Allegro
3. Lento—Largo attaca
4. Lento—Allegro molto—Adagio—Largo—Presto


Piccolo (= flute III), 2 Flutes (II = Piccolo II), 2 Oboes,

2 Clarinets (B flat and A), 2 Bassoons

4 Horns, 3 Trumpets (I and II B flat, III F), 3 Trombones, Tuba

Timpani, Triangle, Side drum, Cymbals, Bass drum, Gong

Glockenspiel, Piano



Approx. 33 minutes


September 1924–1 or 2 July 1925, at Petrograd/Leningrad.
Began with the second movement. Piano score of the third movement completed
in February 1925. Final alterations to the orchestration made in June
1926 after the première.
Dedicated to Mikhail Vladimirovich Kvadri

Three author’s manuscripts of the score to the First Symphony were used in preparing this edition.
Two of them are kept in Dmitri Shostakovich’s private depositary in the Russian State Archives of Literature and Art (RSALA), an incomplete author’s manuscript (IM), from which the first page is missing (the first 20 bars)—RSALA rec. gr. 2048, inv. 1, f. 1, and a complete fair copy of the author’s manuscript (CFM), which serves as the basis of the work’s first publication (Muzsektor Gosizdata, Moscow—Universal Publishers, Vienna, New York, 1927)—RSALA, rec. gr. 653, inv. 1, f. 2262. The third rough draft of the author’s manuscript (RM) is kept in the Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture (GSCMMC), rec. gr. 32, f. 97.
The publications of the symphony during Shostakovich’s lifetime and the 1987 edition are also used
(D. Shostakovich, Collected Works in 42 volumes, Vol. 1, Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, pp. 1-122), the text of which forms the basis of this edition.
The early author’s manuscript of the score (IM) dated 1923 is the original orchestral version of the
composition, which differs from the final one in a few instrumentation details. In particular, two, instead
of three, trumpets are used in this version and, correspondingly, the chords in the group of brass instruments are arranged differently.
Of course, the CFM should be considered the most reliable source, which the composer apparently rewrote especially for the publishers. It was the CFM that was used as the basis of the text in the first volume of Collected Works (1987) mentioned above. Nevertheless, during preparation of this publication certain inaccuracies in the 1987 edition were revealed and corrected. Moreover, after Collected Works in 42 volumes had already come out, several additional sources and author’s documents were discovered, relating to the First Symphony and its sheet music in particular, which were also taken into account in our edition.